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***The following does not speak officially on behalf of the FMCUSA.

The Justice Network communicates based on our unique perspective, inviting the church to thoughtful engagement.***

It is clear…  

that as a nation we have crossed a threshold that previously has been considered to be a highly unlikely possibility -- a threshold that was established and understood to guarantee certain civil-rights and protections to various marginalized minority groups here in our nation. There are several states where it is reasonable to make a direct connection between the openly antagonizing political machinations and policy positions of state leaders to the increasing threats, life-threatening physical harm and recent murders that currently impact their marginalized residents. It only follows that many of the exact same concerns can be and should be specifically made about the state of Texas.

Texas has recently enacted state laws and policy initiative reversals that are having an increasingly negative impact on the quality of life for various marginalized and minority groups all across the state. The negative impacts of these policy changes are evident in the violent, cruel, and inhumane treatment of asylum seeking immigrants and the attack on education that seeks to substantially diminish the rich history of Black, Indigenous, Asian and Latino people.


It is with this in mind that the Justice Network is taking a moment to acknowledge the number of different groups that have been singled out under what can rightly be framed as intense politicized scrutiny and the potential for physical harm in the state of Texas. 

  • As a group we understand that marginalized people often find themselves feeling isolated as they navigate spaces such as the ones that currently exist in the state of Texas. 

  • As a group that is committed to several deeply held gospel-oriented values including that of Love-driven justice, the Justice Network recognizes this intensely difficult moment and recognizes those marginalized people and groups that will be in attendance and participating in the annual FMCUSA Justice Network Summit being held in Houston, Texas.

  • As a group we are committed to an expression of the Biblical truth that recognizes the imago Dei, the image of God in every human being that walks our planet. 


While our summit gathers, we believe that it is part of our calling to raise these issues as issues of deep concern for those all of us in the Body of Christ. We acknowledge the pain and isolation of those who are at the very edges of our society for the purposes of pointing to the more excellent way of love.

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