More Justice & More Abundant Lives in Missions

Rose Brewer

There are simple, powerful ways we can help our churches (including pastors and donors and short-term missions people) to ask good questions about justice, equity, and shalom as they are involved in missions. It will include some solutions, but the main focus is to give people questions to ask and a framework to choose better ways to be involved in international missions.  It will look at racism, tribalism, gender equity, anti-trafficking, ABCD, justice-based economic and community development, and supporting - and learning from - the local church as they share the good news of Jesus with their communities.  

Thursday option


Raising Children to Be Anti-Racist

Katherine Callahan-Howell

How do we help our children grow up to be anti-racist? This workshop will share principles and examples of key ways to help disciple children without centering whiteness, to be able to recognize the value of everyone and support others and their causes. Pastor Katherine Callahan-Howell is the pastor of a diverse church for the last 40 years who raised four children in that diverse environment.

Thursday option


Internalized Racialization, Implicit Bias, and the Power of Whiteness

Liz Cornell

In this workshop we will examine how the race construct is perpetuated through our socialization which teaches us how to live out the societal norm that whiteness is superior and creates in us implicit biases which further solidify the race construct. People will be encouraged to process how internalized racialization shows up in their own lives so that they can become equipped to be better agents for change. We will wrap up by turning to scripture and Micah 6:8 for guidance.

Friday option


Rethinking Incarceration: Advocating for Justice that Restores

Dominique Gilliard

The U.S. has incarcerated more people in jails, prisons, and detention centers than any other country in the history of the world. We have more jails and prisons than degree-granting colleges and universities, and in many places more people living behind bars than on college campuses. Come discover how Christians, and local congregations, can begin pursuing a justice system that reconciles, restores, and leads to healthy reintegration for returning citizens.

Friday option

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Proactively Pursuing Justice through Community Development

Briana Greer

Many of us are passionate about justice, but unsure how to put our values into practical application in our communities. In this workshop we will discuss some ways to proactively pursue justice through community development and create space to explore what this means for your own context. We will be using Briana's experience running a nonprofit teen mentoring organization as a case study on community development strategies, and create opportunities for others to share strategies and resources from their own experience.

Thursday option

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Critical Race Theory and Christianity

Larissa Malone

What is Critical Race Theory? How does it relate to our lives? Is it incompatible with or complimentary to Christianity? This workshop will expand upon the basic tenets of Critical Race Theory and dispel myths along the way. Attendees will self-reflect and interact with others to discuss the application of Critical Race Theory in practicality. The relevance of Critical Race Theory and our call to biblical justice, inclusive of racial justice, is addressed.

Friday option

CP Topher.png

More Than Just Worshippers: Worshippers Who Are Just

Topher Noyes

In Isaiah 1:14, God describes the peoples' worship as "a burden to me." What does God think of our worship? Has our worship become a burden to God?  By and large, there is a disconnect between our worship practices and our call to justice. In this workshop, we will explore the biblical themes of justice and worship, specifically how God's chosen people have failed to live their worship with lives that reflect God's mercy and justice.  We will also discuss strategies for centering justice as an essential part of our contemporary worship practices.

Friday option

CP Vanilda.png

Justice on the Margins: Mental Health, Stigmatization, and Recovery

Vanilda Reyes de Noyes

Each year, one in five people in the U.S. experience a mental illness, yet stigmatization continues to obscure conversations surrounding mental health. Challenges to obtain appropriate support hinder a positive prognosis, especially for those who have poor social determinants of health (poverty, immigration status, access to health care, etc.) In this workshop, we will gain an understanding of the barriers that inhibit recovery from mental health challenges and how the church can actively reduce stigma and increase hope and recovery in our communities.

Thursday option