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The mission of the Justice Network is to extol and deepen the Free Methodist Church’s historic commitment to oppose oppression and restore God’s wholeness to those who have been disenfranchised both in society and within the church.

The vision of the Justice Network is to galvanize the Free Methodist Church USA, annual conferences, churches, and all clergy and laypersons toward life and ministry that intentionally, and unapologetically, oppose racial, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, environmental, ability, and other injustices.

Our Mission

Our Vision

OUR Strategies

1. Gathering: Provide national, regional, and conference level gatherings for participants to

encourage one another, educate the church on issues of current concern, and offer ongoing

resources to bring equity and wholeness. These gatherings create a safe place for the

discussion of paramount critical issues.

2. Advocating: Work with the BOB and BOA to assess the empirical progress or change in the participation and leadership of historically marginalized groups within the FMC leadership

structures (e.g. women, P.O.C., non-native English speakers) and advocate for individuals or

groups who are not experiencing full inclusion and equity.

3. Monitoring: Stay abreast of current events and provide position papers when appropriate to be approved by the BOB and offered to the general church to give guidance to our pastors and members.


4. Resourcing: Maintain a website with resources that address issues of injustice and a learning community of elders, pastors, and laity who are actively developing capacity and ability to launch and sustain ministries that intentionally pursue justice. In particular, the Justice

Network will provide resources regarding race, gender, economics, and environmental equity

from the perspective of our Wesleyan-holiness heritage. Resources will address theology,

spiritual formation, and activism.

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