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Dismantling Barriers: Disability and Social Justice

Rev. Barbra Isaman-Bushart and David Carr

People with disabilities have suffered marginalization and oppression for millennia, and the church’s responses to these injustices have been a mix of helpful and harmful. This workshop will, therefore, explore the gifts that those living with disabilities can offer the Church and world-at-large, with a focus on the many ways that they have been prevented from exercising their God-given contributions.


Developing, Leading, and Sustaining Diverse Churches

Dr. Michael Traylor

Analyses of the lifecycle of multi-cultural, socially diverse churches reveal significant fragility due to multiple factors. One of the most significant contributors is a failure of leaders to have critical competencies that promote congregational solidarity. This workshop identifies 4 critical leadership capacities that help to promote solidarity and to develop into an authentically intercultural community. Participants will learn justice-informed capacities that seek to promote movement toward beloved community.

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From Adversarial to Missional: Faithfully Navigating Changing Perspectives on Human Sexuality

Rev. Barbra Isaman-Bushart, Rev. Doug Cullum, Rev. Katie Sawade Hall

This session will present one FM congregation's thinking concerning the often-confusing broad range of perspectives on human sexuality in today's culture. The session seeks to nurture a culture of faithful discipleship through a posture of genuine hospitality and care.

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The Body of Christ Keeps The Score: Understanding Congregational Collective Trauma

Kayleigh Clark

We have a diagnostic problem in the American church today. Often churches who are struggling or in decline are labeled as "lacking mission and vision." Too often this diagnosis misses the actual cause of suffering and allows for churches who seem to be outwardle thriving to inwardly be deteriorating. A new diagnosis is needed. This workshop is designed for pastors and church leaders who desire to see the church flourish. Togehter we will uncover the ways in which collective congregational trauma may hold key insights to church health and provide a road map away from the story of trauma that is often defining the church today.

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Scattered and Shattered: Answering God's Call to Care for Those Wounded by the Church

Kayleigh Clark

Spiritual abuse, religious trauma, and church hurt are filling podcasts, documentaries, and our social media feeds. However, abuse at the hand of religious leaders is not new and our God has a plan of healing and restoration. In Jeremiah 23, in response to corrupt shepherds, God says he will rise up new shepherds. Will we be these new shepherds? This workshop will equip participants with trauma-informed ministry practices that they might gather those who have been scattered and bind up those who have been shattered.


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