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Our mission is to extol and deepen the Free Methodist Church’s historic commitment to oppose oppression and restore God’s wholeness to those who have been disenfranchised both in society and within the church.

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Join with Free Methodists from around the country.  Come to learn, process, and take home practical strategies to help you and your church apply biblical justice.

Summit COVID-19 Update

We are incredibly excited for you to join us at this year’s Summit. As COVID-19 continues to necessitate extra precautions when gathering and both the Delta strand and breakthrough infections continue to threaten the health and safety of our communities (and too often those who have been marginalized), we will be taking intentional precautions for our in-person gathering.


In the spirit of the Justice Network’s ethic of care for the health and safety of all persons, we have established several guidelines for this year’s summit. 


  1. We will follow all state and local guidelines at the time of the Summit. If those guidelines contradict one another we will follow the most cautious principles. (see City of Cleveland Guidelines and State of Ohio Guidelines

  2. We will require our attendees to wear masks at all times inside, except when eating. As a reminder, proper mask usage requires the mask to cover your nose, mouth, and chin (see example).

  3. While on stage all musicians will wear a mask, except for those singing. Speakers will not be required to wear a mask while speaking, but stage helpers and technical assistants will. 

  4. Outdoor seating will be available for meals. 

  5. We recommend limiting physical contact with others at the Summit, especially outside of those that you traveled with or who you would see on a more regular basis. 

  6. If you have been exposed to COVID19, show any symptoms (fever, achiness, loss of taste, fatigue, etc.), do not attend the Summit. If you require reimbursement we will make that available to you. 


Thank you in advance for your compliance and willingness to share in our ethic of care. We look forward to seeing you in Cleveland!

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